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Our Process

Lasting outcomes require behavior change.

We're here to help you create that change.

How we create the change your organization deserves


Your organization is unique. Your people are unique. You need a rep and leadership development plan that is built specifically for you. Pre-work will be assigned so that all leaders and reps come prepared to learn, having established baseline knowledge of our process, approach, terms, and more.

  • In this part of the ASLAN process, we assess your organization’s current competencies and evaluate the desire for change. 
  • After the assessment, we will customize the program to each unique role in your company.
  • Finally, we make it a high priority to ensure alignment with senior leadership and build a sustainment plan.

Creative simulations enhance the experience and we use leadership simulations, movie clips, problem-based learning exercises, and more!

Want to see more detail? Download our instructional design framework.


We ignite change by delivering expertly crafted, instructor-led workshops:

  • All participants are first challenged to embrace their need to change, learn, and develop. 
  • We will thoroughly explain and reinforce through experiences. This helps leaders and reps see concepts and skills in action.
  • Everyone will self-evaluate to determine the areas they need to focus on most during execution. We will tie all concepts to real-world applications and encourage them to set goals then and there.

Transformation requires a commitment to an ongoing development process. 


To ensure sustainment, we build our tools and support in three areas:

  • Comprehension is supported through mobile, AI-powered apps, digital learning curricula, and webinars. 
  • Application is made possible with our toolbox of resources and micro-learning modules.
  • Mastery is ensured as frontline leaders are certified and equipped to coach.

Ready to Dig in?

We’re here for you.