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Partner Program

ASLAN’s radical approach to selling is all about others.

You’ve got a talent and passion for sales training.


We’ve got the resources you need to launch or scale a sales training business.

Are You Ready…?

Future business owners

I’m ready to start my own business.

It’s there. 

A vision for starting your own business, getting out of the corporate machine and gaining freedom over your time and income. 

If you are an experienced sales executive, now may be the time to make the leap into building your own offerings and expanding your impact. 

ASLAN is here to provide the guidance, partnership, and resources you need to launch your mission.

  • Get business guidance
  • Earn your first leads and clients
  • Enjoy business advice and ongoing support

Current business owners

I want to supercharge my business.

It’s going well.

You’ve got clients and are making a difference.

But at some point, you’ve started to wonder if there are out-of-the-box solutions you could use to strengthen your sales programs.

The answer? Yes.

ASLAN has the turnkey sales training materials and support you need to get to the next level.

  • Get business guidance
  • Earn your first leads and clients
  • Enjoy business advice and ongoing support

Want to learn more?

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About the ASLAN Partner Program

Everything we do in the ASLAN partner program takes your needs into account. Certification ensures you are fully equipped to implement our award-winning sales programs.

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Why partner with us?

  • Our privately owned company has been in business since 1996.
  • We are owned by three connected leaders who work in the business every day.
  • We have trained many Fortune 500 companies.

Hear From ASLAN Partners

It’s the best sales training material that I’ve ever been exposed to.



I love the difference the programs we teach make in the lives of others.



We are helping companies, managers and sales reps and when a rep says “it works!” it’s nice to know we are helping people to have a better life. 

Juan Pablo Huacuja


The ‘why’ is the team, our message and the content.

John Ferguson


ASLAN is not just about teaching others to sell better. It’s changing the way they sell and live.

Jason Smith


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ASLAN Partner Program Pricing

Initial launch


One-time fee

  • 60-day certification and onboarding
  • Access to ASLAN’s sales tools and collateral
  • Leads from our marketing efforts
  • Continuous connection and learning

AFter launch


Annual renewal fee

  • Pay only for participants you train
  • A referral fee only for leads from ASLAN that you close

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