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Service is our business.

ASLAN is an industry-leading sales training company with a global impact.

From the top down, our team is laser-focused on transforming how sellers sell, and how sales leaders lead and it all starts with an Other-Centered® mindset.

What it’s like to work for ASLAN

At ASLAN, we are passionate about serving. We believe in the power of an Other-Centered mindset and we are committed to helping our customers achieve their goals. We value authenticity, critical thinking, curiosity, and a service-first approach.



Everything we do is built on trust.

Whether we are collaborating with other ASLAN team members or working with a new partner, authenticity is essential.


Critical Thinking

We don’t pretend to have all of the answers and we value fresh ideas.

Our team members aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.



Are you constantly seeking a deeper understanding?

We believe that the best way to build trust and create impactful relationships is by being curious.



Our team members all have an Other-Centered mindset.

Service is at the heart of ASLAN, and we understand that by serving we help our customers reach new heights.

We do things differently, and we like it that way. Just as we take a radical approach to sales training, we take a radical approach to hiring. We are looking for authentic people who are excited to collaborate, learn, build, and challenge the status quo.

We are a company of free thinkers who encourage engagement and team member input because we feel that we can always improve. The only time you will hear us say “We’ve always done it that way,” is when we are talking about serving customers with an Other-Centered approach.

If you are excited to serve, we want to hear from you. Our team members have a wide variety of backgrounds and skills, so take a few minutes to learn more about ASLAN, and explore the opportunities available with our team.



Time to explore.