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Sales Training

Sales training that delivers more.

Sales Training Programs

We don’t teach your reps to sell. We teach them to serve.


Other-Centered® Selling

Other-Centered selling is a disruptive framework we’ve spent 30 years developing. It equips leaders and reps with a new mindset to eliminate buyer resistance, influence, and serve.

Business development


ACCESS empowers sellers with strategies, skills, and processes to get more meetings in new accounts or get deeper and wider within existing accounts.


Strategic Account Management

This program, designed specifically for account managers, equips them with the confidence to lead and expand their footprint within.


Targeted Programs


Virtual Selling Skills

Equipping sellers with the 12 unique skills required to be confident and successful when selling virtually.



Learning the advanced skills and framework to defend the value of a solution in a competitive environment.

Our Process for Creating Lasting Change.

Tired of sales training programs that fail to create the results you're looking for? The problem is that you've failed to create lasting change. We can fix that.


We start with you. Before sales training ever begins, we need to know what’s happening on the front lines. What’s working and what’s not? Do your reps have a desire to change?

Then we need buy-in because all change starts at the top. We’ll meet with your senior leadership and develop a plan to drive change. 

Now we build YOUR program. And we don’t mean a prebuilt version of what we already have. We will thoroughly customize the experience.


This is where the magic happens. We promote learning by following a proven process that starts with igniting the desire to change and then developing skills in real-world scenarios.


Change doesn’t happen in a day. We are dedicated to supporting continuous improvement through our sustainment plan, RENUE.

Our team can’t wait to show you how all this works.

Connect with someone in sales now

Straight talk: real solutions

Unreceptive by Tom Stanfill

Traditional sales playbooks sabotage your potential to establish your sales team as a consistent, robust revenue engine. The key to effective selling isn’t persuasion, it’s increasing buyer receptivity. 

Unreceptive by ASLAN co-founder Tom Stanfill is a disruptive selling framework that will convert your resistant, cold buyers into engaged, motivated customers.