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About Us

We're here to make selling easy.

Our Mission



Every principle we teach has a greater purpose. They are designed to have an impact on the relationships that matter most. Our passion is to help those we serve to be better parents and better spouses/partners. In short, to build a better family. 

Why family? Because nothing has more impact on society than family. And we are never happier than our relationships. Not only does family shape our society, but also our core relationships provide the foundation to reach our greatest potential. 

This is who we are and why we have given 10% of our profits to organizations that “feed the family” since our inception.

This is why we are so passionate about becoming Other-Centered®. Those two words describe our #1 priority and are at the heart of everything we do and teach. 

We believe you are more successful and more fulfilled when you put others first. 

We believe we were created to serve

We believe that if you embrace the Other-Centered way of life, you live better, sell better, lead better, and you create a culture where people want to be. 

Selling is hard. Making new connections and influencing has never been more difficult. 

Our mission is simple: help the people on the front line learn a better way to eliminate buyer resistance, become a trusted partner, and develop the expertise to lead.  

Our goal is to end persuasion and manipulation as a strategy and replace it with a passion for truly serving the customer. The customer has problems. Our role is to restore their faith that sellers have the ability and willingness to offer a better way.

Our mission is to represent your customer. If you understand them, you can serve them. If you serve them, your numbers will go up and your reps will love what they do.

  • IT ONLY MATTERS IF IT MATTERS TO THEM. We are most fulfilled and effective when we serve.
  • UNIQUE IS STANDARD. Every company is unique. Therefore, they require a unique solution.
  • WHAT WORKS IN LIFE WORKS HERE. If we apply the truths in our programs to our personal relationships, life improves.
  • IF WE TEACH IT, WE LIVE IT | What we do speaks far more eloquently than what we say.
  • MAKE IT BETTER EVERY TIME | Our passion is to be the best to reach for perfection. If we learn and improve after every interaction, workshop, or creation of content, we will be the best at what we do.  

We understand that we are not for everyone. Once you get to know us, you will see we can get quite passionate about how we work with our clients. Here are our core beliefs about the way we think about sales transformation. They may help you quickly discern if we should either part ways or dive a little deeper.   

We believe…

  • The person’s willingness to listen is far more important than your ability to communicate. Therefore, a new mindset and skill set is needed to influence. 
  • Sellers number one priority is to serve their customers. You will sell more and your reps will be more engaged. 
  • Leaders number one priority is to serve your sellers. You will sell more and your reps will be more engaged. 
  • That methodology is sexy but it’s limiting. We focus on the core, simple, measurable capabilities that drive performance.
  • The critical and most challenging element of selling is connecting and influence. This is our focus. 
  • Dramatic change happens one to one. Therefore, we sell more than content. We offer a process that drives change.  
  • Who you work has as much impact on outcomes as what is being offered. Therefore, we aren’t cheap because good people cost money.  
  • Senior leadership buy-in ultimately determines success. Therefore, this is where we start. 
  • If what we deliver is only 95% relevant to your organization, the focus will be on the 5%.

Our Story

It all started with a book.
Read about the origins and evolution of the ASLAN brand.

Meet the ASLAN Team

At ASLAN, real-world sales experience is a qualifier for being a great sales trainer. Every single one of our executives and training leaders has a background in sales. Many left successful executive and business roles to join ASLAN. We are all on a shared mission to bring our principles into the sales world and effect lasting change.

Tom B+W


Tom Stanfill has built a life around serving others. As the CEO and Co-Founder of ASLAN, he has helped over 100,000 salespeople across 35 countries, including 10% of Fortune 500 companies. His sales experience recently culminated in his book Unreceptive, A Better Way to Sell, Lead, and Influence. A man of many talents and passions, he spends his time outside work with his fourteen grandchildren, fly fishing, globetrotting, or reminiscing about his highschool days as a 17-year-old punk rocker with the Gastric Juices.



Tab Norris serves as the Vice President and Co-Founder of ASLAN. His 28 years in the trenches with front-line sales leaders and sales reps have helped the company grow from the basement to an industry leader. Tab’s Other-Centered® mindset can be seen both in his professional and personal life. Whether he is helping salespeople become better at their craft, mastering fly-fishing with his family, or taking on new challenges like his completion of the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim trail at the Grand Canyon, Tab practices what he preaches.



Marc Lamson strives to be a work-hard, play-hard, do everything at 110%, sales leader. Serving as the President of ASLAN, Marc’s focus is on growing ASLAN’s Certified Partner businesses to help reach more and more sellers around the globe. A believer in the Japanese philosophy of ikigai, balance is a guiding principle whether he is working with a client, a colleague, volunteering for Take a Kid fishing programs, or spending time on the water with his wife and soulmate of 28 years and their two sons.



Jesse Rome has always been driven to create a lasting impact. Today, he serves as the Vice President of Training for ASLAN, where he helps shape and refine the customer journey and learner experience. His background includes scaling sales teams at Fortune 500 companies, but he attributes most of his success in sales to a single factor – his daily decision to serve. His dedication to being Other-Centered® can be seen in his relationship with his wife and sons and has even landed him on ESPN’s SportsCenter during a cannoli eating contest.



Mix together a love of sales, a passion for marketing, and an Other-Centered® approach to life and you get Genna Lepore, the Director of Marketing and Sales Enablement. Her extensive sales, management and sales enablement experience with both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses provides a unique perspective that has helped ASLAN continue to grow over the past 2 years. When she is not helping build brand awareness, she can usually be found on or near the water with her family, or dodging manatees as a stand-up paddleboard yoga instructor.

Partners + Facilitators 

With 10 regional locations, we have delivered training in 42 countries across 13 languages.


How to Join ASLAN

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