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Learn The Truth About Who To Coach & How To Assess Their Performance


Do you know why some reps aren't hitting their number? Or why most sales managers coach the wrong reps if they even have time?

Everyone is talking about sales coaching, but no one is doing it. For much of the sales world, the notion that sales coaching is an essential ingredient in improving sales organizations is not up for debate. But while the debate about the necessity of sales coaching may be over, most sales leaders – if they’re honest – will tell you they barely have time to manage their sales teams – and they just don’t have time to coach.

With that reality as the back-drop, I want to pose this question:  What if you could cut your coaching time in half and get better results?

By reading our Whitepaper, you'll learn how to:

  • Avoid the Mistake of Developing the Wrong People
  • Become a Strategic Coach based on 4 Categories
  • Avoid the Mistake of Measuring Behaviors and Not Outcomes
  • Identify the Right Behaviors to Start Development

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About the Author

Tom Stanfill, Founding Partner and CEO


Tom Stanfill, founding partner and Chief Executive Officer, has channeled his years of selling experience into consulting, developing, and helping some of the world’s greatest sales organizations identify and bridge their gap in sales force execution.

Since 1996, in over 25 countries, ASLAN has focused on accelerating change within many of the world’s largest sales organizations.



Discover Why the World's Best Companies Choose ASLAN Training



There's no such thing as the typical field rep.

The key to success is a balancing act: learn how to address customer needs and your business needs at the same time.

ASLAN teaches your team both the high level strategy and case-specific tactics to gain the trust needed to gain new customers and go deeper and wider into existing accounts.            


From inbound to outbound, ASLAN has you covered.

Inside Sales Reps face 18 Unique Challenges that make specialized training a must.

ASLAN has created an inside sales training program that not only maximizes your ability to meet the needs of your existing customers, but paves the way to powerfully and profitably engage new prospects.                                                                         


Transform sales managers into catalysts.

A catalyst is someone who inspires and accelerates change in others. You might call them a coach, but they are very different from so many who merely track performance and keep score.

A catalyst understands that incentive plans, training classes, and performance scorecards are not enough to change behavior.