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Winning the price war and defending the value of your solution.

What’s The Difference?

It’s the question every rep has encountered. Buyers are overwhelmed. There are too many options and not enough time – leading them to choose the least expensive or the safest option.

To survive, sellers either lower the price or reactively sell what’s in demand.

of businesses say their sales deals involve a competitor
of buyers want to discuss price on the first phone call

Receptivity > Your Value Prop

The real problem: buyer resistance.

When the customer sincerely wants to know “why” you offer a superior solution, selling is easy.

But this requires a change in the way sellers think.


A Program Focused on Why You & Why Pay More?

For sellers who need to:


Increase the value vs. lower their price.


Convince buyers their solution isn’t a commodity.


Differentiate their solution in a sea of competition.

What is DEFEND?

DEFEND is a 1-day, customized workshop designed to equip sellers with the strategies and skills to demonstrate the value of their solution, product, or service. There are five core components.


DEFEND – Program Elements

Learn to establish the foundation of influence, skills to negotiate a win/win, and ensure the decision-maker emotionally experiences a payoff of your recommended solution.


Enhance Receptivity

Neuroscience behind why customers resist change.


Discovering the Truth

Influence starts here – identifying and quantifying what the customer really wants.


Framework for Building Value

1. Connect – to their whiteboard   

2. Contrast – from the status quo and the competition

3. Convince – strategies to emotionally experience the payoff.


Objection Strategies

Learning the strategies for the three types of objections.


Other-Centered Negotiation

Negotiation fosters an adversarial relationship. We eliminate the game, leading to a win/win.


Want the full curriculum?

Download a complete guide to the DEFEND curriculum.


What Makes DEFEND Different?

Change is hard – we make it easier by taking a radically different approach.

Eliminates Buyer & Seller Resistance

Sellers avoid tough conversations because they intuitively know they will lose. But if they understand the principles that drive receptivity and adopt a new framework for selling, resistance to tough conversations disappears. They will learn to change the game and stop negotiating.

Which roles do we serve?

ASLAN provides B2B sales training programs for:

Sales Executives

Account Managers

Inside Sales

Sales Leaders

Pre & Post Sales Tech Support

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“When Reps Focus on Receptivity, Everyone Wins." 

What Sales Training Formats Are Available?



Classroom delivery is an immersive training experience where hands-on learning is the name of the game. Role plays, group discussions, and interactive activities help reps shift their mindset and accelerate change.

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Working with a remote salesforce? Virtual training is delivered with a live ASLAN instructor, where participants get the same classroom experience even if they are operating globally.


Train the Trainer

Already have internal resources in place? Our content can be packaged, and with our three-cycle certification process, your training team will be equipped to coach and drive change.

What are the Benefits of the Defend Program?


Sellers can confidently shift from a price conversation to a value conversation (or sellers are confident)


Margins increase


Conversion rates rise

The results of the training with ASLAN far exceeded our expectations. The Direct Banking Center increased its deposits by 270% and increased loans by 200%. 

The Retail Banking division saw deposits increase by 168%, service per household increase by 20% and the success rate of customer calling campaigns went from .5% to 9%. 

S&T Bank

Senior Vice President

Within a year of implementing ASLAN’s complete account development process, we grew revenue 5% while customer demand was declining. And we saw incremental revenue growth of 46% within existing accounts.

Getty Images

Director of Learning

When ASLAN was hired, our goal was to grow from just under $700 million to $2 Billion. We achieved the goal in just 3 years and ASLAN played a key role. Not only do they have the best sales development programs but their ability to learn our business and customize the program was exactly what we needed to transition our sales force.

Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company

Director of Learning

We realized a 30% increase in incremental revenue within six months of hiring ASLAN for one reason – we embraced their process to turn our managers into coaches.

Schneider Electric


Within the first four months of implementing ASLAN’s program, appointments set with cold prospects jumped by 300% and engagement rates increased by 808%.

Fortune 1000 Life Insurance Company


We at InsurMark just completed what I believe to be one of many training programs with your company….I congratulate you on your success and want to comment on how impressed we are for who you are and what you stand for…The values that your company demonstrates are admired! To all of you, you have a home run in regards to your curriculum, your staff, and your philosophical standing in the business world! Thank you for ‘walking the walk’!



To determine the impact training would have on our business, we hired ASLAN to train our inbound reps in two of our four call centers. Bottom line, we recouped our six-figure investment in 30 days. Reps that were trained outperformed untrained reps by almost 8X.

Fortune 1000 Industrial Distributor


We wanted to test the impact of ASLAN’s approach, so we trained a select group of veteran reps and managers and compared the results. The reps that were trained and coached outperformed their peers by 56%.

Fortune 100 Insurance Company


After hiring ASLAN, we reduced customer attrition by 50% in the first two years — 5 times our goal. In the third year, we ended the year up 7,600 customers.

Fortune 1000 Energy Company

Vice President of Operations

Within the first four months of implementing ASLAN’s program, appointments set with cold prospects jumped by 300% and engagement rates increased by 808%.

Fortune 1000 Life Insurance Company


Our field guys gave this program the highest rating because it took the mystery out of prospecting. They learned where to focus, how to get there, and it wasn’t based on cheesy manipulation tactics. It’s the best program I’ve seen.

Fortune 100 Medical Manufacturer

Vice President

Of all the initiatives we’ve rolled out this year, ASLAN’s Catalyst program has been the star of the show. Your process, your ability to understand our DNA was truly amazing. You guys are freak’n awesome to work with! Every time I talked to one of our leaders they rave about the program. Not only was the program extremely successful but your people blew us away. Everyone we met with from ASLAN, were truly exceptional. We love our partnership with ASLAN.

Fortune 500 Insurance Company

Vice President of National Sales Training

Someone asked me recently why I've sold more than 2 times the nearest seller and get 25% more appointments. The simple answer is most reps don't understand how to create receptivity. I've used this other centered approach to selling since 2015. It completely reframes how you think about selling and that's why it works.

Tyler Bergman

Regional Vice President, Financial Services

Selling is dumb. Don’t sell things. Listen, be genuine, be curious. This philosophy and approach helped me find my voice as an account manager. Instead of providing me with antiquated sales scripts, I learned how to navigate the roadblocks that were keeping me from growing my accounts and it’s helped me consistently exceed both my professional and quota goals.

Blake Schlukbier

Global Account Manager, Red Hat

This strategy and methodology moved my team from good to great, outperforming teams four times our size. We are now guides and managers of the sales process rather than pushers and pullers. Employing these techniques opened doors with decision makers who consistently denied access in the past. Bottom line, it worked in the toughest market we’ve ever faced.

Robert Zeman

District Sales Manager, Aflac

ASLAN Resources

Before you go, here are some resources to help you investigate our ideas and approach.