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You asked. We answered.

We know the process of finding and evaluating a sales training partner can be a daunting task. That’s why our leadership team put together a short video to help answer some of the most common questions about training with ASLAN. 

Still have questions?


Unite your

Provide clarity for your people so they are fully aligned around a singular, simple approach to selling, with a shared common language and a unified commitment to your goals.


Expand your

The percentage of customers and prospects you're trying to reach shrinks everyday. We help you expand your footprint and reach the unreachable.


Retain your

Turnover on your team can be your greatest risk. Make it easy to retain the sales talent you have with training that increases their close rates, engagement, and overall fulfillment. 


Leave a

We believe that this is more than just professional development — it's about helping your team become better at life. And if they live better, they sell better.

Don’t Have Time To Watch The Video?

Here are the highlights…

There’s no secret sauce to generating sales success. Rather than a quick fix we focus on 5 core capabilities and 15 disciplines to transform your sales team into Other-Centered® sellers.

 We focus on receptivity, with both the seller and buyer – not just  sales skills.

With almost 3 decades of experience, there is a good chance! But we prefer to build training programs around specific sales roles, rather than an industry. With role specific training, we can help your team overcome the challenges they are actually facing on a daily basis.

Customization is critical. You have unique challenges and needs, and an out-of-the box solution will only get you so far.

All of our trainings consist of a three-part process:

  • Prepare – We seek to understand your goals, team, and challenges, then align with leadership to build a unique program

  • Ignite – This is where the magic happens. Within the workshop we teach the value of an Other-Centered® mindset and focus on skill development

  • Transform – We ensure that reps understand the concepts and can apply it in the real world and we develop your leaders to drive change.

A 44% average increase in performance compared to those that have not gone through ASLAN training

It depends. No two trainings are the same, but pricing ranges between $500-$2,500 per participant depending on the level of customization. For more information, check out our pricing page.



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