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Why Do Most Training Initiatives Fail?

What can be more daunting than launching a company-wide initiative, the success of which is ultimately determined by people who talk for a living? Bottom line – it better work. Bad news – most sales training initiatives fail to deliver. 

Is your sales training initiative failing? Are your sales leaders able to move beyond the conceptual model and provide real-time insights that drive results? If you are investing in sales training curriculum that is falling short, chances are you are making one of six common mistakes.

Download your complimentary eBook today and discover the top six pitfalls to avoid when developing a training program or evaluating potential outside training partners.

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Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Salesforce Training Initiatives?

  1. Is your sales team too focused on the What rather than the Why?
  2. Are you investing more time and resources into the training program itself rather than the follow-up work? 
  3. Are you measuring post training behaviors rather than customer outcomes?
  4. Are you failing to involved mid-level and top level leaders in your sales training efforts?  
  5. Are you overwhelming your team with too much curriculum?  
  6. Are you investing in a generic sales training program rather than a bespoke solution?

Discover how to avoid these pitfalls & start driving results with your training initiatives!

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Salesforce training initiative mistakes ebook